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Cable Bill Reduced 50%

June 17th, 2006 at 01:24 am

My mom is one of those people that don't like to make phone calls to save money. I wrote last September that by making a simple call to the cable company I was able to reduce my mom's cable bill from $65 to $39.95 a month. Of course, that only lasted three months and I specifically told her that she needed to call back after 3 months to get a better rate again - something that she failed to do. In the meantime, she decided to upgrade her account to include some premium movie channels and on my return back to the US found she was paying $79.20 a month for cable.

Since there were other competing offers of a free month and $29.95 a month thereafter for similar service, I decided that I needed to make another call. I used the exact same strategy I have always used in the past. While I wasn't able to get them to match the deal, they did drop the rates significantly over what she had been paying.

I ended up keeping the exact same service that my mom currently had(including the premium channels my mom likes) for $39.95 a month rather than the $79.20. The deal is good for 6 months which equates to a total savings of $235.50. Certainly not bad for a 15 minute phone call.

While I know it is difficult for some people to call to try and get discounts, it's a skill worth mastering as it will save you literally hundreds (and most likely thousands) of dollars a year. I'm not sure that I'll be able to teach my mom how to do this, but I'll certainly give it a try since it is something that she should be able to do on her own.

3 Responses to “Cable Bill Reduced 50%”

  1. rebecca Says:

    Hi thats to funny that your mom wouldnt call. I remeber my mom
    would mark on the calender when her cable was out (storms etc)When the bill came she would put a note in explaining she was deducting the .75 (or what ever it worked out to be)because she didnt have service that day.Thay always deducted it.These days your mom would probably have trouble getting a real person on the telephone.

  2. Princessperky Says:

    I wonder if anyone thought of that as a side job. Calling for other people to reduce bills, split the savings with the bill owners?

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