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ID Scam - Who Can Your Trust?

January 28th, 2006 at 01:19 am

I came across
Text is this little piece and Link is
this little piece about an ID Theft scam that goes to show that you really can't trust anyone these days:

"For Aisha Shahid and dozens of others who went to an advertised job fair in Chattanooga and got offers of nightclub work in Atlanta, Memphis and Miami, the "dream jobs" turned out to be an identity theft scam...

A man who identified himself as record company and music group president William Devon took applications and personal identification numbers from more than 100 people January 13th and 14th...

The man took many of the applicants' drivers licenses, birth certificates, Social Security cards and even a diploma.

While obviously I'm not going to be applying for a nightclub job (like anyone would hire me if I did), I began to think about the concept. If I heard about a job fair and someone said they represented a reputable company, was dressed in the appropriate attire with name tags and materials from that company to give away and after talking a bit asked me to fill out an application, I would probably do so without thinking twice - and that would turn over a lot of my sensitive information including social security number, birthday, driver's license number, contacts, address and probably anything else that was asked on the application.

If an ID scam like this took place, it's only a matter of time that something like what I just described above also takes place. It's another reminder (especially to myself) that you do need to be extremely careful to whom you turn over your sensitive information to.