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GE E-Files Largest Tax Return

May 31st, 2006 at 05:01 pm

A Tax Press Release today from the IRS saying that General Electric (GE) filed the nation's largest tax return by e-filing it this year:

On paper, GEís e-filed return would have been approximately 24,000 pages long. After filing, GE received IRSí acknowledgement of its filing in about an hour. The file was 237 MB

And I thought my tax returns were difficult... Wink

4 Responses to “GE E-Files Largest Tax Return”

  1. annab Says:

    Egads! My return is so easy, I can call it in. I could probably send a postcard or something. Smile

  2. eisor Says:

    Wow! That's a lot of pages! Could you imagine being part of the accounting department for such a LARGE corporation???

  3. PRICEPLUS Says:

    How much do you think they will be paying in taxes. The answer might surpriese folks!Smile

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    Wow, sounds like they saved a whole tree by filing that way.

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