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Surprise Tax Refund For All

May 26th, 2006 at 07:54 am

...well, except fo me since I've been living in Japan. The IRS announced that they will stop charging the 3% excise tax on long distance phone bills beginning immediately and that you will be able to claim a refund for the taxes you paid on this from February 28, 2003 until now. They haven't spelled out exactly how to do this, but it looks like there will be a dual system: you can look it up yourself and use that number, or you can use an easy form they are developing that will make estimating your refund claim easy.

A thread has been started in the forums where you can aske questions and get more information.

2 Responses to “Surprise Tax Refund For All”

  1. lrjohnson Says:

    If I get a refund of three percent of zero, where can I deposit it? I'm happy for other folks, but I've been non-long distance for too long now. If you had people call you, Jeffrey, that's big bucks for them!

  2. jeffrey Says:

    Yes, family back in the US should be happy with that announcement.

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