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More Playing The eBay Game

March 7th, 2006 at 08:06 am

Previous Total: $162.64

Current Total: $231.18

Inventory: 1 book, 5 photos

I had another

Text is photo sell and Link is
photo sell, this time for $74.95. That means on the initial $20 investment I made for the 10 photos and 1 book, I've sold 5 for nearly $200 (not counting expenses). I need to make more finds like this!

The photos were ending in close to 12 hours and once you hit the 12 hour mark, you can't make changes to them. I knew I had overpriced them when I first listed, but wanted to make sure I didn't sell them too cheap since I don't have a lot of experience with selling photos on eBay. I spent $0.80 to extend the two photos I had priced at $99.95 and lowered their price to $74.95. One of them sold almost immediately.

There were $5.61 in fees + the $0.80 for extending the auctions for a profit of $68.54.

I'm still quite undecided on the Pearl Harbor photos - with what these other photos went for I would assume the Pearl harbor photos would go for several hundred at the very least. Then again, if I make copies and sell them I could have a constant income from them depending on how popular they are. Still need to think more about that.

At least I'm moving in the right direction again with the challenge!

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