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Taking Advantage of eBay's $0.10 Fixed Price Day

February 28th, 2006 at 05:32 am

Previous Total: $55.50

Current Total: $55.50

Inventory: 1 book, 10 photos

I have been out of the challenge for a bit now working on these blogs and other things with the sites, but it's definitely time to start doing it again and get back on pace. I was going to let March bring me back into the swing of things, but I just received an email from eBay saying that 2/28 is a $0.10 fixed price day.

If you have things and you know what their worth, start piling them on eBay. Especially expensive items since this will greatly reduce your shipping costs. I plan to list at least 50 items including the book and photos I have in inventory, all the items I can get at the local hobby shop and I may make a quick run to see if I can find a few more things to put on.

I will also be moving all the items in my eBay store out and onto the fixed price platform as this is a method I've used successfully over the last few years. Going to be a bust night, but hopefully it will add a lot to the challenge by the end of next week.

1 Responses to “Taking Advantage of eBay's $0.10 Fixed Price Day”

  1. Amy752 Says:

    Thanks Jeffrey! I didn't know about this! I'm defintely going to work hard to get the rest of my things listed today. I don't have much, but every bit helps...

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