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Junk Art Sculptures

November 7th, 2006 at 06:49 pm

I was in the city and came across these huge pieces of art down by the bay. What made them so unusual was that they were made entirely from junk. Basically, they had been constructed from old nuts, bolts, scrap metal and various other pieces of material that were to be thrown away (close-up shown in photo 2).

I love the creativity that was used. This artist is creating something new from material that that was bound for the dump. S/he has found a new use for it. Furthermore, values is being created out of something that appeared to others to have no value (I assume the artists gets paid for the completed work). With a little creativity and ingenuity, I think that anyone can do something along these lines.

This is a series of everyday photos taken to show how money affects our daily lives

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