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Nice Mention

February 17th, 2006 at 11:57 pm

I think that anyone who writes hopes that those who read the writing find the information useful and worth their time. For me, often the best gauge on whether I have accomplished this is when others take the time to recommend one of my sites. It's the ultimate compliment when someone is willing to tell others that visiting here is worthwhile. I was recently informed about a nice write-up that I received from Harbor Credit:

Financial wisdom. Itís something that can only be gained through experience. And, it is that kind of wisdom that we at Harbor Credit want to make accessible to our customers Ė been there, done that kind of advice. Thatís why we've added PFAdvice.com to our Weblog listings. For more than a decade, moderator Jeffrey Strain has been writing about pertinent financial topics, from loans to taxes to investing, while only occasionally slipping into promotions and "entertainment value" quotes. For the most part, his PFAdvice.com Blog serves as a valuable forum for anyone interested in getting their finances straight.

With the huge number of personal finance writers out there from which to choose, I'm happy to see that my writing is useful enough to get the above recommendation.

1 Responses to “Nice Mention”

  1. katwoman Says:

    Huge congrats for a job well done!!!

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